Thursday, January 28, 2016

Michonne, The Walking Dead

Top 5 Michonne Moments
Photo from the-walking dead wordpress

Michonne is one of the most mysterious and iconic characters on The Walking Dead. On a show that tries to ground itself in reality enough to be believable, she is one of the characters that really ties the show to its comic book roots with her almost superhuman ability to weld a sword. Michonne is a woman who keeps her cards close to her vest. In a group often overwhelmed with emotions both destructive and tragic, she is among the most stoic. In a flashback we learned that she had a husband and a child prior to the plague, so we know that she has clearly experienced a lot of pain. Fierce and capable, but not without compassion she bonds with the children on the show very naturally, hinting to a very able maternal side. She seems just as comfortable being alone as in a group. As a member of a hearty band of survivors she still manages to stand out as the person you'd most want on your team. I have the distinct impression that her group needs her more than she needs them. No romance for Michonne thus far, but then again she has only just thawed out enough to maintain friendships.

Favorite moment: Literally anytime she wields her katana.

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