Thursday, January 28, 2016

Grace Dixon, Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow Has Three Strong Showings in the World’s Most Painful Date Contest
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I can never tell the rules for being a witch on Sleepy Hollow. Our cast of heroes regularly cast successful spells from ancient texts of all persuasions, and they all (pretty much) seem to be mortals. Apparently the only thing that separates witches from normals is heredity, everything else from powers to versions of immortality seem to be on the table. Regardless, the Mills sisters' spell casting, future-telling, witch-like ancestor has proven instrumental in the witnesses journey, both with her journal and in topsy-turvy dips into the past. Grace is unique in tv in that her particular brand of magic stems from knowledge passed down from her African ancestors. I love the scene where Jenny recited one of her spells in a melodic African dialect (I forget which one!). It stood out because of how rare a scene like that is. African-Americans often feel a sense of detachment from our past because so much of our history and ancestry has been dissolved. I love how this visceral connection the Mills sisters have with their ancestor is a thread of strength they have in their favor against all the supernatural threats that come their way.

Favorite moment: The side-eye she gave Abbie and Crane when they embraced in "Tempus Fugit." A look can say a thousand words Grace, a look can say a thousand words.

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