Thursday, January 28, 2016

Molly Woods, Extant

"Extant" Gets Revamped For Second Season
Photo from Dark Horizons


Astronaut and scientist, wife to an innovative robotics engineer and mother to both an android and an alien-human hybrid. Complicated and resilient, this is a woman who determinedly forged ahead no matter the obstacle- and there were many. She lost a lover, unborn child, husband, endured the forced removal of one child and a multitude of circumstances separating her from another. An introvert, she stayed true to form and became a force to be reckoned with in her own meditative, methodological way. Where others might have buckled, she bent. Her uncontrollable urges during her metamorphosis was a bit of a heavy handed attempt to sex up an already sexy character (and show), but otherwise the development of the character was enthralling. Molly was a woman who not only made her decisions resolutely and with a clear link to both science and facts, but also managed to persuade everyone to her line of thinking along the way. She fought her enemies with little more than her own intellect, and it was proven time and time again that it was more than enough.

Favorite moment: Lying with her dying and prematurely aged son staring up at the stars, where he came from and where she was always the most comfortable. Molly was continually thwarted from having a normal relationship with her children and it was sad but also powerful to see her have a moment to be there for one of them when they needed her most.

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