Please note...

First and foremost, this site is full of spoilers. If you haven't seen the show/movie/book in question, you may want to read it or watch it first and then come back to read the analysis (and see if I have anything worthwhile to say).

Why this site?

One day I googled "black women in science fiction" and the results were dismal at best. I wanted a place to honor, appreciate and geek out over depictions of Black women in my favorite genre. We may not be many, but we are mighty.

On race:

It is important to note that the actresses on this site come from a myriad of countries, cultures and ethnicities. Generally speaking I include women with African and African-American ancestry. They may or may not consider themselves to be Black. The resulting characters likewise may or may not be defined as Black. That said, I also consume a lot of media, and can fangirl with the best of them so at times I will be talking more generally about news relating to the genres, especially if it contains news about other people of color.

On relationships:

It may seem a bit unfeminist to talk about relationships, but it's not! Our sexuality is an intrinsic part of ourselves and for too long Black women have been portrayed as effectively neutered, sexless, overly masculine and/or hyper sexual; creatures undeserving of romance. It is important to analyze how black women are viewed in the capacity of romantic relationships whether gay, straight or any of the variations outside of and in between. Science fiction and fantasy is a particularly interesting genre to explore this topic in because of the wide variety of ways love can manifest itself. These genres bring together people from different times, planets, ages, races, sexes, even species!

On comics:

I missed the comic book bandwagon growing up, so I cannot profess to being well versed on the Black, female characters in comics. That may change, but as of right now that is not my focus.

Additionally, everything is written by me in less otherwise noted. Text not written by me will be italicized.

I absorb too much media but even I can't get to everything right away. If I'm missing anyone let me know!

Hope you enjoy!

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