Thursday, January 28, 2016

Suits' Gina Torres Reminisces About Roles on Firefly, Alias, Angel and More

Photo from TV Line

On Firefly:

As the ship's first mate, Torres' ZoĆ« had her share of larger-than-life moments — "Coming out of the fog and a sand storm with a shotgun with Mal saying, 'What does that make us, Zoe?' 'Big damn heroes.' It doesn't get better than that!" — but the actress is fond of the "sweet" exchanges between her and Alan Tudyk, who played her husband, Wash. "I so appreciate that the writers would let Zoe really be a girl and a woman and a wife," she recalls. "That made her the ultimate chick, because she was a fully realized person. That's what I mourn most, given the early demise of the show."

On Angel:

Next, Torres played a completely different type of character: Jasmine, the smiling-yet-sinister entity that possessed and birthed itself through Cordelia, then brainwashed Los Angeles until everyone was under her sweet spell. "She wanted love. Is that so wrong?" Torres asks, cracking herself up. "I think the scariest monsters are the quiet ones, the ones that are sitting in front of you and are very seductive. I put my voice into that honey place… There was just this calm grace about her delicious evilness. I love Jasmine for that."

Photo and text from TV Line

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