Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016), A Review

Image from Vanity Fair

I  just saw Ghostbusters this past weekend. I liked it! True, I didn't love it, but I very solidly liked it. My thoughts...


  • Not as hilarious as it should have been with four proven, funny women. I hope they get more ambitious with the jokes in the next one (and we all know there will be a next one).
  • That said, Kate McKinnon stole the show
  • Is it weird I kinda wanna wear one of those jumpsuits? It's the stripes. Those dang dynamic stripes.
  • Only one person showed up for an open interview call? In NYC?!?!? Nope. I don't care where/what the job is. Nope.
  • I enjoyed the appearances by the original cast; it felt only slightly forced.
  • Back to the jokes, they were especially awkward when concerning Kevin. I know it was supposed to be a gender-reversal, eye-candy sort of situation but his presence brought the funny screaming to a halt every time.
  • They'd better not be paying Kevin.
  • "Room full of nightmares."
  • Back to my earlier opinion, now having seen the movie Patty definitely could have been in the academics as well. She should have been a historian who saw the ghost while waiting on the subway. You wouldn't have even needed to change much, the suits were the only thing her being a transit worker brought to the table. It was clear people trespassed onto the tracks regularly, as highlighted by the urine smell they described. So even the part were the ladies ventured on the tracks needn't have been changed.

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