Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Captain America: Civil War

My thoughts, in no particular order.


  • Did they actually manage to make Spiderman cool again? He was both awesome and adorable.
  • Antman is me in nearly every situation.
  • I can't believe they were even conflicted about signing the accord when they (especially together) are powerful enough they can pretty much ignore it at will. It's really more of a honor-system pact. I think we all know that.
  • We've come SO FAR with the diversity, but a WOC superhero lady please? Please?!
  • Bucky and Cap are the real deal BFF's. Most touching relationship in the MCU so far.
  • I've never seen Tony Stark so introspective and reasonable; Pepper should leave him more often (or maybe she was the problem- haha).
  • Falcon is funny, "Do you like cats?" Fair question, Falcon, fair question.
  • Like all of the recent MCU movies it was both jam-packed and hyper-paced. I found myself reflecting on one development and they were already on to the next. I love/hate this. 
  • I could have done without the Kate Carter thing, it felt rushed and also strange (great aunt's former beau? Not a good look. Fresh blood please.)
  • Great fight scenes as promised.
  • I'll watch the second end credit scene on You Tube. No one has time for this.
  • Vision dresses like Dick Van Dyke. Not against it, just saying. You do you, Vision.

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