Friday, April 8, 2016

‘Warcraft’ Character Posters Tease the Nerdiest Movie of the Year

Photo from Collider

Universal has unveiled a series of character posters for the fantasy epic Warcraft, based on the video game of the same name, and this thing continues to look nerdy as all get-out. That’s not a bad thing—far from it. Co-writer/ director Duncan Jones looks to have realized the World of Warcraft universe with the imagination and verve of a historical epic, albeit one involving orcs and magicfolk. Audiences turned out in droves for a similar fantasy franchise called Lord of the Rings over a decade ago, so Universal no doubt hopes to have similar success with Warcraft.

The footage we’ve seen thus far has been promising, and these character posters really let us appreciate the colorful designs of the film and the stunning visual effects work that brings the orcs to life via motion-capture. The marketing has also done a fine job of not alienating those unfamiliar with the video game, but the response thus far from the gaming community appears to be positive.

Nerdy as all get-out, ha. Check out the rest of the posters at Collider:

Photo and text from Collider

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