Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tara Thornton, True Blood

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Tara had a particularly turbulent journey on a show that thrived on turbulent journeys (and gore, and sex). Hailing from a home with an alcoholic mother and abusive (and later murdered) father, Tara became a surrogate sister to Sookie, acting as both her defender and confidante. However, their close bond constantly put Tara in direct danger. Sookie, being a fey (half-fairy) was both a lure and lured to vampires, with Tara usually square in the path of destruction. Despite this, or maybe because of it, Tara was a fully fleshed out character. She was constantly on some adventure- most of the ill-fated variety. She battled vampires, reluctantly joined covens and even later became a vampire herself (gee thanks Sookie and Lafayette).

Tara also had her share of relationships, from the tepid (hi Sam) to the truly loving and fulfilling, like the woefully short-lived one she shared with the I'm-surprised-she-made-it-out-alive Naomi. The weirdest one by far was with Vampire Pam, it felt forced to say the least.

Poignantly, Tara managed to reconcile with her mother before (and in True Blood fashion after) her death. She died how she lived, fighting like hell for someone she loved. What the show lacked in sentiment, it made up for in camp; only a hand full of the major players made it out without a gruesome death. It was a bummer she wasn't one of them, but much like the show itself she was a trooper while she lasted.

Favorite moment:  She had, without exception the best depiction of a just-turned vampire on the show. It was actually chilling.

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