Thursday, April 14, 2016

James Cameron Making Four ‘Avatar’ Sequels

She's surprised by the news as well. - Photo from The Wrap

James Cameron will make four “Avatar” sequels, promising that the films will start hitting theaters in 2018.

The creator of the original “Avatar,” the 2009 fantasy epic that remains the all-time worldwide box office champion, said that his vision for a followup has expanded over time.

He first envisioned two sequels. But after meeting with a team of four screenwriters and a group of “some of the top artists and designers in the world,” he realized that he had way too much material for just two films. He initially decided on three sequels, then jumped to four.

“So far, what I am seeing in pure imagination is far beyond the first film,” Cameron said. He said that very few people have seen the initial concepts, but a select few have been left “speechless” by what they saw.

“We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic project, making four epic films, each of which stands alone but together forms a complete saga.” 

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