Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tracy Ifeachor Joins ABC Pilot ‘Spark'

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This show sounds unbelievably cool, I'm hoping it comes to fruition.

Tracy Ifeachor (The Originals) has joined the series regular cast of ABC pilot Spark, from writer Michael Cooney and producers Ian Sander & Kim Moses. Spark is a lavish primetime drama series of passion, greed and hope in a Steampunk reality, circa 2016. Set in an alternate history where gas and coal fuel the world, the drama centers on the battle for power between two rival families and a rebellious young woman with a spark of invention that could level both their empires. Ifeachor will play Logan Reese, an attractive, quick and confident young forensic investigator who has just transferred to the Investigative Division of the city’s Watch. Ifeachor currently recurs on The Originals. Other television credits include a starring role in Crossbones, the UK series Strike Back and Dr. Who.

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