Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Tituba, Salem

Salem Season 2 Official Pictures - salem-tv-series Photo
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Tragically underutilized, Tituba is the witch who lured the main character Mary into the world of dark magic. Powerful and crafty, Tituba's weakness is her affection for Mary, which straddles the unlikely line between sister and lover. Strangely, the show does not delve into her unique origin as a slave from the Caribbean, a backstory that is rich with possible story lines. Tituba was made autonomous and essentially emancipated by her practice of the dark arts. The power that witchcraft gives to the women of the show who would otherwise be essentially powerless in the face of the men, is thoroughly explored throughout the series. Tituba, however, has even more reason to be drawn to this source of power as both a woman and a slave- yet this has barely been touched on. Furthermore, Tituba often allows herself to remain subservient despite her power. She's served quite literally as the whipping boy, or in this case whipping woman, for the sins of Mary. Manipulative, but in her own contrary way loyal, Tituba has been mostly treated with contempt and derision from her mistress. But then again, this is likely a more accurate portrayal of what a woman like Tituba's experience would really be. Perhaps, the most fantastical aspect of a fantasy show depicting New England in the 17th century would be if she had been treated any more kindly.

Favorite moment: Those outfits, sorry but they really are amazing. If witchcraft got me outfits like that I'd probably be into it too.

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