Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Allison Blake, Eureka

Salli Richardson-Whitfield in Eureka from "Jack of All Trades":
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With absolutely no nods toward cuteness the unflappable Allison Blake was intelligent, successful and wryly funny. She gamely weathered the high jinks of a city that was half cartoon, half Silicon Valley of the Future. The Sheriff Jack Carter was her polar opposite; she was practical, thoughtful, even calculated, while he was all wide-eyed wonder and earnestness. Their relationship was surprisingly realistic for a show that was 90% (delightful) sci-fi fluff. Allison only relented to it when she was sure they could bridge their very obvious (and not in the least intellectual) differences. And their resulting blended family was depicted in a sweet and nuanced way. Allison didn't limit her career for the kids, even venturing on sometimes risky missions to save the town and even the world. She thoughtfully weighed the pros and cons of her moves while making no apologies for being a boss. Not bad for a zany show.

Favorite moment: Claymation Allison- because claymation

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