Friday, February 26, 2016

Missandei, Game of Thrones

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Ex-slave, expert in languages, Buddha-like calm and utterly self-possessed, Missandei is the right hand to the Khaleesi acting as both moral support and confidant. She takes on all of the risks of the impetuous queen, with none of the reward (if we can call a chair made of swords a reward). She is in a romance of sorts with Grey Worm, the noble soldier and eunuch (bummer) also loyal to the queen. They are of similar temperament and their ultimately doomed fledgling relationship is sweet. I would love to see Missandei outside of the queen's shadow, active in a story line of her own. Gifted and wise, she seems like she'd make better decisions than 99.9% of the other players (in all the seven kingdoms!). But then, we don't watch Game of Thrones for the solid decision making now do we?

An aside: I love our Missandei, but I find it interesting HBO opted to make most of the slaves black and brown people (which was not specified in the book). When you are essentially creating a fantasy world from scratch, and can literally cast whomever into what ever roles you want, making the bulk of the slaves and ex-slaves non-European-like is quite a telling thing to do.

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