Friday, February 26, 2016

Jenny Mills, Sleepy Hollow

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From what we've seen of Jenny, does anyone really believe they could hold her for even a night at Tarrytown Psychiatric? Do they have marines guarding that place? The once estranged (and committed) sister of our heroine Abbie Mills, Jenny is a non-conformist and an utter bad-ass. A pseudo-criminal/antiquities dealer, our globe-trotting Jenny is proficient in multiple languages and multiple occult arts. Her skills and background has proven essential to the Witnesses on more than one occasion. Freshly in a relationship with the charming and eternally-game Joe, Jenny has mellowed out significantly since she was introduced in the first season (she was practically feral then, it was delightful). This season promises to continue to be a big one on the personal front for her as we see her (and her sister) reunite with their estranged dad.

Favorite moment: Gets possessed (twice), shakes it off like a boss.

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