Saturday, February 6, 2016

Melody Pond

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Anyone who watches Doctor Who knows there's almost no explaining Doctor Who, so if any novice wants to know what the show is about you kind of just have to watch it. And even in a show that's very premise is nearly impossible to explain, River Song's origin story is particularly complicated. The daughter of Rory and Amy Pond, she was conceived in the Tardis, born on an enemy planet and stolen from her parents as an infant in order to make an (ultimately failed) weapon against the Doctor. River is Time Lord (or Lady)-like with only one heart but with sweet regenerative abilities. In appropriately-bizarre Doctor Who fashion, she ends up being raised alongside her parents as their childhood best friend Melody, or Mels for short. While she was growing up with her parents she was a person of color. The Doctor meets Mels for the first time as the impetuous, playful and wily close friend of Rory and Amy. There was a flirtatious vibe between them then, but nothing came of it until her next regeneration and name change (or name mutation) to River, the equally playful but substantially more lethal version we see today.

Favorite moment: "You've got a time machine, I've got a gun. What the hell, let's kill Hitler!"

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