Monday, July 4, 2016

Preacher 'Sundowner'

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  • The fight montage between Jessie, Fiore, LeBlanc and the seraphim was so awesome I had to watch it twice.
  • I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching Tulip and Emily bonding. They both need to forget about Jessie for a while in my opinion. They could team up to do some ass kicking on their own; Tulip's certainly got the skills and Emily has a ton of repressed anger in reserve.
  • Also Tulip had a child! In the flashbacks from previous episodes she looked devastated as their nemesis Carlos drove away. Does this have something to do with the child being referred to in the past tense? It was sad seeing Tulip wistfully watching Emily interacting with her daughter.
  • Poor Cassidy tucked behind the door like that, he looked crushed (and not by the door).
  • And poor Eugene as well. It seems Jesse's powers are more than just mind control- they have moved comfortably into bending time and space.
  • So... Jesse's incubating a demon/angel hybrid. That's unlikely to go well; we're already starting to see him abuse his strength. I have a feeling he's going to go even darker before he gets full control over his new "powers."
  • It seems like the mayor's going over to the dark side as well.
  • Does Eugene return? Does he return evil?

Gross... or sexy, I can't decide.
Image from Hidden Remote

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