Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Warcraft’s Paula Patton: ‘Garona Just Sounded So Exciting'

Photo from Den of Geek

In Warcraft, director Duncan Jones’ film version of the Blizzard Entertainment gaming phenomenon, Paula Patton plays Garona Halforcen, a half-human, half-orc (in the original canon, she’s half Draenei, part of a race that shared the planet Draenor with the orcs) who finds her loyalties torn and tested between the orc Horde and the planet Azeroth’ human Alliance. Garona’s actions play an important role in the events of the film as she gradually comes to learn just where her true allegiances lie.

For Patton, this is a role unlike any other she has played before: while she honed her action chops alongside Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and Denzel Washington in Déjà Vu and 2 Guns, she sees even more fighting here, all with green skin and a couple of nasty-looking tusks protruding from her lower lip. She spoke about wearing those tusks, delving into the world of Warcraft and more during a recent sit down on the Universal Studios lot.

Read how a non-gamer got into the role at Den of Geek:

Also, they used CGI to make her green. Her during the actual filming:

Photo from Den of Geek

Photo and text from Den of Geek

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