Monday, June 20, 2016

Monster Swamp

Photo from io9

My thoughts in no particular order...


  • Odin Quincannon's an interesting bad guy, his modus seems to be more "fuck it" then "let's destroy everything." It's also fascinating that he was essentially eliminated the first time we really see him. I'm sure that will be coming back around to bite the preacher at some point. "Serving God" can be used pretty loosely. We can bet on some dark repercussions.
  • I liked the flashbacks of Jessie as a kid (little Tulip!). His father clearly had the preacher thing down better than his son. Fathering skills could have used a little work though.
  • Our Tulip certainly has a temper. She's pretty lucky that was Cassidy she beat the crap out of, anyone else would have been dead for sure.
  • Also Cassidy and how he played along with being mortally injured for sympathy and cuddles.
  • I find it both funny and frustrating that Cassidy is the world's most inept person (vampire) at explaining things. Although maybe he should get credit considering how insane the things he is trying to explain are.
  • So excited to see Tulip's reaction to his vampire reveal. They're going to be so funny hanging out and ganging up on Jesse together. That is if Tulip doesn't try to stake him first.

Photo from io9

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