Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Syfy is Leading The Charge With Imagining Diverse Futures

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io9 recently featured an article highlighting Syfy's concerted push to create shows with diverse casts and women in the lead.

Talking about 'The Killjoys':

Killjoys’ creator Michelle Lovretta’s motivations for the show stemmed out of her desire to see a very different world than what she had read and watched in science fiction. “I don’t want to just meet myself.” she noted, “I don’t want to meet people who look like myself. I don’t just want to meet people who have sex the way that I do; I don’t like that world. I like a world that is full-bodied and has a lot of variety in it and that’s also something that we kind of commit to trying to do, because there’s nothing more boring and bland and sameless, and if you want to be bland, you shouldn’t be in sci-fi.”

Furthermore, she envisioned that the show featured a woman of color from the onset. “When I first pitched the show concept there hadn’t been a spaceship show on the air in years, so I was already anticipating a tough sell.” Lovretta told us in a recent interview. “On top of that, I was insisting on a WOC at the ship’s helm, which hadn’t exactly been done a million times. But Syfy was fully behind Dutch from the start, and together we made a conscious effort towards casting a diverse lead.”

Some of my personal favorites are mentioned here. And while 12 Monkeys isn't as diverse as I would like it to be, the women kick butt all day every day. Read the full article at io9:

Photo and text from io9

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