Saturday, May 28, 2016

You can give Captain America a boyfriend, but that's not the (only) problem.

The problem lies in not developing the female characters as much as the male. That's why so many of the romantic relationships seem shallow and frankly, boring. Bucky and Cap's relationship has been built up over several movies; you know why they care so deeply about each other. The only comparable male/female relationship is Tony and Pepper which still suffers from a mostly underdeveloped Pepper. It's not just in the movies of course, Supernatural (which I love by the way) has had issues developing romantic relationships for the brothers because they spring them up quite suddenly on the viewer with no build up or development of the female characters. In fact, the best drawn women are the ones they set up specifically not to be romantic interests (Charlie and Rowena spring to mind). And you wonder why Dean and Cas shippers are so legion? You've cultivated their deep and loyal relationship for seasons.

I am down with the characters mentioned having boyfriends, honestly it makes the most sense and also makes for the most touching and dynamic story. But I think it is important to note why those relationships seem so much more authentic. It's all in how much effort they are putting into developing the characters and their story lines and unfortunately that is rarely done for the women.

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