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Relax, It’s Only Magic: An Oral History Of ‘The Craft’

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Interesting tidbits, including some insights from the charming Rachel True (who was actually the first cast!)

Peter Filardi (screenwriter): At the time, there wasn’t a whole federation of teen actors like there is now. There was Winona Ryder and Claire Danes — that was kind of it. It took us a long time to find the right four girls. I think we made test deals with 85 girls. It took nine months. We did a lot of screen tests. I think we saw every single actress that’s in that age category. Rachel True was the first one. She just had a funny quality. She was beautiful, but there was also this kind of anxiety about her. She just reminded me of a girl I went to school with, and I liked this idea of that character, that she’s black but that she’s from this wealthy family and there’s a lot of pressure. Those are the kinds of kids I went to school with, so I thought it would be interesting to see that.

Rachel True (actress, Rochelle): I go to my agents at the time and say, “I’d really like to read for this,” and they across the board went, “No, you’re not right for it.” I went, “No, no, really I am. I promise you I am.” I think I went in and read for just casting, and then I went back and read for Andy Fleming. At that point, the character Rochelle was Caucasian and bulimic. Luckily, they switched that up. I think that having the racial component in that movie added a really great layer that just wasn’t there in most teen movies. A lot of times, the roles I played, I literally say the words “Are you OK?” So this time I got to play a character who actually had something going on.

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Photo and text from Huffington Post

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