Monday, May 23, 2016


My thoughts, in no particular order.


  • The vampire is a cool cat and I like him.
  • Kids sure are blood thirsty in Preacher-land Texas.
  • Tulip just became that little girl's superhero (I'm with you little girl).
  • Homemade bazookas.
  • Haha to Jesse fleeing the second he heard Tulip singing in the shower.
  • I love the look and feel of this show. It had me at the retro-stylized depiction of space. 
  • The space creature sounds like an ultrasound.
  • One day scenes depicting places in Africa are going to be a little more specific than just "Africa." It's a big continent guys, where? Where exactly? Texas wasn't "North America" and there's a reason for that. You're leaving me in suspense here guys.
  • Real moms would in no way destroy that tablet (the whining alone). But I wonder if that was just a clever way of cluing us in to the fact that Emily has a dark side. Yay, dark sides!
  • I must be immune from GOT/TWD viewing but it wasn't as graphically violent as I was anticipating (yet).
  • This is so good, I'm watching it again.

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