Sunday, May 15, 2016

'Black Panther' Has the Coolest Tech in the Marvel Universe

Black Panther troop ship
Image from Popular Science

In a world where flying iron men and shield-wielding captains engage in Civil War, Black Panther is most concerned with his people in Wakanda: a fictional East African nation with the most advanced technology in the Marvel universe. The first black superhero in a mainstream comic, the Marvel hero also appears in the latest Captain America movie—which offers a good look at the Black Panther himself, T’Challa, and his vibranium suit. The same metal used to make Cap’s physics-bending shield is one of Wakanda’s most popular exports. But the actual cool tech Wakandans keep for themselves—that’s what Brian Stelfreeze gets to create.

While Ta-Nehisi Coates handles writing Black Panther, artist Brian Stelfreeze is responsible for, not just drawing, but building the world of Wakanda. Those bird-looking ships? That's him. Those hologram bracelets are him too. Marvel’s Black Panther film isn’t due out until 2018, but more visuals are set to release when issue 2 of the new comic drops tomorrow. Here’s how he created what we know of Wakanda in 2016:

Kimoyo Beads
Image from Popular Science

Kimoyo bead silent communication
Image from Popular Science

Images and text from Popular Science

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