Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Expanse: an ambitious, slow-build sci-fi mystery

Photo from Den of Geek

I only recently started watching the Expanse, and being about half-way through the first season I find myself quite impressed. It's an engaging, character driven series that doesn't skimp on effects. It's also distinctly diverse and features a lot of strong, multi-dimensional female characters. That said, it can be surprisingly hard to follow at times. It's a sprawling show, featuring multiple (interplanetary) locations and various at-odd factions. I literally had to pause and do research. The official website is a great resource for this and after looking at the (fun) interactive for a while, I finally felt up to speed. I definitely recommend it.

Also, check out this review of the series from Den of Geek. It goes into a bit more detail about the premise of the show (though it sounds like he could have used a perusal of the Very Helpful Official Site. I refuse to feel nerdy about this):

The Expanse: an ambitious, slow build sci-fi mystery

The official site again for those looking for a little guidance, and yes I know it's based on books as well.

You'd know what this was if you went to the site. Photo from Den of Geek

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