Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole Beharie Cast in Jacob’s Ladder Remake

Nicole Beharie Jesse Williams
Photo from Deadline

To be perfectly honest, I didn't realize 'Jacob's Ladder' touched on the sci-fi genre; I missed it the first time around. Read an excerpt from Den of Geek about the reboot:

According to a report by Deadline, Beharie has landed a lead role in the upcoming film Jacob’s Ladder that could place the actress into some familiar supernatural-ish territory as her (apparently finished) Hollow days. She’ll be joined by co-stars Jesse Williams of Grey’s Anatomy and Michael Ealy, who, like Beharie, knows all about genre shows on Fox, having come off his run as an android on the 2013-2014 sci-fi series Almost Human opposite a characteristically gritty Karl Urban. David M. Rosenthal, who directed Ealy in last year’s The Perfect Guy will occupy the helm.

The title Jacob’s Ladder should certainly ring familiar to classic film fans, since this reboot series will be an adaptation of the 1990 psychological horror film of the same name directed by Adrian Lye. In that film, Tim Robbins played a wounded Vietnam Veteran experiencing perceived supernatural occurrences that lead him to question the veracity of the conspicuously tragic events of his day-to-day reality. Besides Variety's vague description of the film as a “modern-day paranoid action thriller about two brothers," nothing specific has been confirmed in regards to the roles of Beharie, Williams and Ealy in this reimagining of that story.

And also my goodness do Jesse Williams and Michael Ealy look alike, that's some solid casting right there.

Michael Ealy Jacob's Ladder
See what I mean? Photo from Deadline

Text from Den of Geek

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