Monday, March 28, 2016

Toast the Knowing, Mad Max: Fury Road

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WARNING: Spoilers

I finally got around to watching Mad Max: Fury Road. It was awesome as described. A lot of driving and fighting which I should have realized from the very descriptive title, but really if you haven't seen it yet that is 90% of the movie; it's like a post-apocalyptic Speed. There are tons of strong female characters in this movie, and they managed to invert some tropes. Yes, there were some damsels in distress, but they saved themselves. One such damsel is Toast the Knowing (loved the character names). Liberated with the others from being sex slaves by Furiosa, Toast was optimistic of their scheme but also skeptical. You got the impression she was hopeful their mad plan would work, and certainly thought it was worth a shot, but not at all convinced it would. Her name might have been reflective of her cautious and thoughtful manner. The most proficient of the harem at weaponry, she kept their guns loaded and pitched in when needed. With her savvy nature it was surprising to me that she ended up being the one who gets recaptured, but she managed to turn her captivity on its head and triumphed in the end. I read somewhere that the next Mad Max would continue to follow Max on a new journey with a new cast of characters. I'm excited to see what's next, but I do hope we see these ladies again.

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