Monday, March 7, 2016

Annie, Being Human

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Sweet, happy-go-lucky- Annie's cheerful demeanor belied a complex character underneath. Dying, ironically, gave her depth and made her stronger. The heart, soul and moral center of their group of misfits, Annie gave her housemates a sense of normalcy and acceptance, family even. She connected them, Mitchell especially, to their humanity. However she wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, she was not afraid to call her crew on their shit and some of my favorite scenes with Annie was when she went all poltergeist on them. It was utterly entertaining watching someone so sunny (occasionally) go over to the dark side.

Also see:  Lenora Crichlow's turn in the half sci-fi, half psychologically damaging series Black Mirror. Her episode was as thought provoking as it was traumatizing.

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