Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lucy, Extant

Image from Securelyinsecure.tumblr


Captivity breeds treachery. A next generation android, Lucy was made to be a weapon against a hybrid alien-human race, but instead she sprung forth as a fully-formed rebellious teen with the intellect of an advanced computer and the brute force of a Mack truck. Calmly menacing, Lucy used her superior reasoning skills and attractive visage like finely honed weapons. Sentient, she was aware of her captivity and railed against it by manipulating everyone around her. This was in direct contrast to Ethan, the original android boy who accepted his subservience like a real child, a product of being lovingly raised over time. Lucy didn't have this advantage, and her creators paid the price for not providing it.

Favorite moment: The dress. She owned that dress.

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