Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lara Vega, Minority Report

Photo from Vulture


Lara, we hardly knew thee. It's hard to write about a character that was not around long enough to explore. The canceled Minority Report was a promising but clunky show. it seemed to move too fast in some regards yet merely plodded along where it mattered. Additionally, their vision of the future lacked any sort of evolution; it was pretty much 2015 with better tech. Lara is a smart, ambitious cop motivated by the murder of her father to become partners with an undercover precognitive Dash. Their friendship quickly becomes one of dependency and affection. He needs her to guide him through the real world, and she needs his abilities to make a difference for potential victims in a way she never could with her father. They were both charming and sincere, but lacked a sardonic bite or even a layer of humor that could interject a degree of interest to, despite the murders, their overly sanitized version of the future. A shout out to Wally and Akeela who did better in this regard. I will miss the idea if not the reality of the show.

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