Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Indra, The 100

Photo from Playbuzz


The 100 is a fantastically strange show. It is disarmingly brutal and unexpected, gritty and gory, it has no qualms about dirtying and bloodying up its stars. If someone is injured they stay injured for a realistic amount of time and they pull no punches in killing off characters, two seemingly prominent ones were eliminated by the end of the first season alone. The show is also simultaneously forward thinking with a nuanced view of human sexuality and women as fierce and powerful leaders; yet also unapologetically regressive with the humans inhabiting the post-apocalyptic planet seemingly only knowing how to fight each other. In the extensive cast of characters we have Indra, the intense lieutenant to the commander of the Grounders. Indra is loyal and takes a hard line against those who aren't. Tough and succinct, she seem to be warming up to the Sky people, if you can call her no longer actively hating them warm. She is a capable and confident warrior and I hope they continue to flesh her out. She takes little delight in her badassery, which seems to be a common thread that runs throughout the show. They live in a brutal world and while we delight (and cringe) at their antics, they grimly march on.

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