Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Deni, Falling Skies

Photo from fallingskiestnt.tumblr


A mutual victim of the aliens, Deni was an early confidant of Ben as they traversed the trials (and advantages) of becoming hybrid's together. Both harnessed by the Espheni, Deni guided Ben through the process of accepting his new abilities and adjusting to being viewed as an outsider by their fellow survivors. However once Ben got his Espheni sea legs we saw little of Deni. The fledgling soldier trotted along on a couple of battles, but for the most part the show was all about the Mason's and anyone outside of their tight circle remained on the sidelines. There was a short burst of focus on Deni in the last season, but it was mostly just to drum up sympathy for her rather abrupt death. I find myself mostly neutral with Deni; they didn't really give you much to like or dislike for better or worse.

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